von Paulo:

Hi everyone, how are you doing? I hope that you are fine both, physically, and mentally in considering the situation in which the world is undergoing. As you have noticed this isn’t an individual letter but it is a general letter to everyone who has supported Malaika Children Friends directly or indirectly. This includes all the founders of the organization, short term, and long term sponsors.

The main aim on writing this letter is to firstly congratulate and thank all the people who have supported others who were in need during this unexpected incident of COVID 19. I thank you because during these times of hardship you managed to consider other people.

I would also like to let you know that although the president of the United Republic of Tanzania had announced that there isn’t COVID 19 in Tanzania. We as Malaika Children Friends are still taking some of the measures towards avoiding COVID 19. All in all, don’t forget to wash your hands regularly with flowing water and soap, sanitizing, social distancing, as well as putting your masks on.

To all those that have lost a loved one or loved ones. I’m really sorry for you. Although this I a hard thing to handle, please don’t forget that we are here for you. We could only comfort you with words and we shall do our best to help. Don’t forget to always talk to even just talk to someone you trust; it helps a lot. For sure this pandemic has taught us a few lessons and those are sharing, how to budget things, and most of all it taught us the importance of a family.

Secondly, I would like to offer a perfusion of thanks to all you who are always or even sometimes supporting the Malaika Children Friends organization. Through supporting us you have taught and given us a lot of things which include, sympathy, empathy, love, and joy. To some of us you have given us a purpose in this life, you had given us hope that there are people out there who care for us. You gave us a new family that supported us, a family that brought back the warmth of love and joy within.

Even though we have no way of giving back what you have given us for it’s not only about the money and goods but you gave us a different life, we can only promise you that you shall not regret you actions of love and empathy for we shall utilize all material and non-material support that you give to us and do our best to provide positive results. To all the believers may the almighty God bless you with a joyful life.

With lots of love from Malaika Children Friends. We wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY SAFE NEW YEAR.

              With lots of love